• 第一条 – 月经期多量出血时不要同房。
    [Ovulation might occur quite early in the cycle and menstrual
    bleeding could obscure mucus.]

  • 第二条 – 如已明确为不孕期(基本不孕型),可在隔天夜间同房。
    [Evenings are recommended for intercourse during the BIP
    as the woman needs to be in an upright position for a few hours
    for cervical mucus to make its presence felt at the vulva. Seminal
    fluid on the day following intercourse could obscure the mucus.
    It is important to allow time for the seminal fluid to disappear
    and to confirm the BIP is still present by avoiding intercourse
    on consecutive evenings. ]

  • 第三条 – 基本不孕型时如出现分泌物或出血,不应同房。须待恢复基本不孕型三天后(第四天晚)才可同房。其口诀为“等等看,1,2,3”。
    Rule 2 continues.

    [Waiting will enable the woman to either recognise the Peak
    in which case the Peak Rule is used; or, when the change is
    an interruption of the BIP caused by raised oestrogens, the
    hormonal level will return to a basic low level and the woman
    will recognise a return of the BIP. She counts 3 days to enable
    the hormones to stabilise before resuming intercourse applying
    Early Day Rule 2.]



  • 峰日后第四天起每天都可同房,一直到周期之末。
    [Ovulation occurs on the Peak Day or days 1 or 2 following
    the Peak. The egg will live for 12-24 hours
    unless fertilised. The third day after the Peak is to allow
    for the life time of the egg. From the fourth day after the
    Peak the woman is infertile until the end of the cycle and intercourse
    is available at any time.]





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