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Пользователи приложений оплачивают только покупную цену приложения.

Доступна онлайновая помощь от консультанта по фертильности. Вы можете делать запросы, используя кнопку «Отправить сообщение». Вы получите ответное сообщение в течение 24 часов.

If you know of a teacher who is registered with billingsMentor there is a button in the main menu whereby you can make your fertility records available to the teacher. You must make arrangements with the teacher independently of billingsMentor. There is the same communication method with the teacher as described above.

Никакой личной идентифицирующей информации о вас не хранится.

Privacy Policy

September 1, 2022

The billingsMentor app is developed by Webmatics Pty Ltd.

The app is self-contained on the smart phone and the app does not transmit any data over the internet during normal operation. It uses the internet to access help data.

The user can act to have the app transmit her fertility data to the billingsMentor server (https://www.billngsmentor.org)  where it is stored and available to other app users to whom the user provides the necessary password access. There is no personal identifying information contained in this database.



JABFM — Online Survey

The Performance of Fertility Awareness-based Method Apps Marketed to Avoid Pregnancy; JABFM July–August 2016 Vol. 29 No. 4 pp. 508-511. Introduction: In recent years there has been an explosion in the development of medical apps, with more than 40,000 apps now available. Nearly 100 apps allow women to track their fertility and menstrual cycles and can be used to avoid or achieve pregnancy…
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