Billings Method: Reproductive Organs

  • Ovary: produces the egg at the time of ovulation.

  • Cervix: produces different types of mucus.

  • Vulva: senses the mucus and the mucus can be observed at the vulva.

The cervix is a narrow channel between the vagina and the cavity of the uterus. The behaviour of the cervix is strongly influenced by the ovarian hormones, oestrogen and progesterone.

There are hundreds of crypts in the cervix which secrete different types of mucus. Some types of mucus are viscous and they close the cervix to outside matter.

Other types of mucus are more fluid. When the oestrogen levels rise the crypts secrete the fluid types of mucus. These enable sperm cells to move through the cervix towards the fallopian tubes where one can fertilise the egg at the time of ovulation.

Cervical mucus reaches the vulva where it creates various sensations, and its physical characteristics can be observed.

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