Five Steps to Learning the Billings Method and Fertility Awareness…


Ovulation (the release of one or more eggs from an ovary) occurs within a 24 hour period and only once during a menstrual cycle.…


You can share your records with a fertility educator and ask questions.…

What is billingsMentor® (ovulationMentor)?

BillingsMentor is a web service and cell phone App that guides you in observing, recording and
interpreting your fertility signs and symptoms according to the Billings Method.

A New Approach to Charting and Learning

billingsMentor® avoids the use of stamps and symbols by visualising fertility as a simple bar chart that combines fertility with the rules of the Billings Method. This is an important aspect of the e-learning experience.The data entry form includes guidance for entering your fertility signs and symptoms. You have the option of learning the Billings Method independently by using the automated guidance, or with a fertility educator. BillingsMentor is of great help to any woman who wants to learn about her fertility while avoiding the use of contraceptive drugs or devices. For information on the origins of billingsMentor and previous work on internet intervention for the Billings Method see this literature review.

Fertility Awareness


Signs and Symptoms

Understand the signs and symptoms of fertility and learn to recognise your Peak day, which is the most fertile day in your cycle.…

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Rules of the Billings Method – rules for the pre-ovulatory phase – Peak rule …

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